Here it is! Finally, our second location is opening now in Marbella!

I´m really excited to have this new location. We are on number 6 Avenida Duque de Ahumada, next to El Fuerte Hotel and Da Gino Pizzería, in front of the sea. There´s a public parking just in front of the clinic, Avenida del Mar Parking.

I´ll see patients from birth to 14 years and we´re currently taking new patients.
You can call + 34 952 30 30 79 or 697 37 70 70 for an appointment.
Opening date will be January the 17th 2014.
I´ll be there on fridays and tuesday´afternoons, and we´re particularly pleased we now can serve our patients from the area with a more convenient location.
We think you will find it inviting and fun.
It’s the same great staff and doctor you are accustomed to at Malaga. So, you will likely see all of us there at any given time.
Yes, Orthodontic appointments are available in addition to all our regular Pediatric and Adolescent care.
We hope you like the place as much as we like it.

Monica M. Leon DDS, MDM